About the Artist

King Kamonster is the brand and alias of artist Kamon Sherriff Ross. Born from pure creativity and natural talent, King Kamonster is about creation, persistence, and belief in something greater. This has been deeply inspired by, and chosen to be represented through the image of the Japanese Samurai. Who’s tenants of bushido and zen can lead to a peaceful life and disposition, even in the midst of regular battles with one’s enemies; both real and imagined.

The story of King Kamonster is about overcoming adversity, and allowing ourselves to be evolved, strengthened, and transformed through loss and difficulty.

In 2010, at the age of 20. Kamon suffered a spinal cord injury due to a fall from a third-story balcony while attending college for software engineering. Left with paralysis from the waist down, the loss of life as he once knew it, and a new abundance of free time; Kamon decided to explore more creative pursuits. Deciding to forego a traditional career path, he explored an interest in music before finding and settling on his love for visual art.

Now, after 2 years of exploring and refining his craft. King Kamonster is ready to take his art to the next level. With a solo art show already under his belt, as well as a number of participations in group exhibitions, Kamon is continually growing as an artist, and constantly reinventing himself and his work. This is just a glimpse into the mind and artistry of King Kamonster, welcome to KingKamonster.com!

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